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 The Treaty of Versailles (France) of 199 guarantees the independence of Poland, but

Before World War II, the country became the destination of ambitions between neighboring powers.

Both were the German Empire and the Soviet Union. August 23, 1939 Germany

And the Soviets secretly signed a treaty to divide Polish territory.

World War II erupted when Uttar Pradesh invaded Poland

On September 1, 939. Germany violates Poland's independence

Under the auspices of the superpowers. In June 194, the Germans invaded.

The Soviet Union violated the secret treaty of the two countries on August 23, 939.

To oppose the Nazis, Poland formed a resistance movement in two groups. 200 thousand troops

Fighters on the Western Front to support the city-based interim government

London and the second group had 400,000 troops, all of which joined forces with the Soviets.

In April 1943, relations between Poland and the Soviet Union were severed due to

German soldiers find 4,500 graves of Polish officers in Katine

Who was killed by Soviet sheriffs, but the Soviets accused Germany of being a massacre.

Following the outbreak of this crime: The Soviet Union invaded Poland in July 1944.

Form a National Liberation Front separate from the Provisional Government in London. Soldiers

The Nazis withdrew from Poland in January 1945.