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I Found 7 New Details in Spider-Man: No Way Home IMAX 4K Trailer

I Found 7 New Details in Spider-Man: No Way Home IMAX 4K Trailer

hey everyone i'm the canadian lad and today i'm going to give you seven new details that i found after watching the spiderman no way home imex trailer in this version because of the aspect ratio we can see a whole lot more of the screen therefore giving us an opportunity to dig deeper and find more hidden details but first i'll take exactly 60 seconds to thank great shadow Legends for sponsoring this video raid is available on pc and mobile my favorite thing about raid is trying to complete the doom tower every month legend has it that the doom tower was formed long ago when the orbiter locked up some bad guys and they've been there ever since ready to take on anyone who challenges them to get to the top of the doom tower you should really pick your champions wisely a lot of the dimtar bosses ignore clock debuffs and could Drain your champions turn meters so you gotta watch out this one boss the scarab king is really tricky he barely takes any damage unless he reduces max hp and if you attack him without a shield buff on he'll completely wreck your whole team the raid constantly adds new updates to the game in the late october they're releasing a packed halloween lineup fragment events where you could snag a super spooky halloween champion as well as tournaments and big rewards Now if you lads want a big head start visit the link in description or scan the qr code on screen new players will get the epic hero shinaru who's awesome in the doom tower 200 000 silver one xp boost one energy refill and one engine shard that allows you to summon champions in game rewards can be found in your inbox for the next 30 days number one in my previous breakdown i told you how peter may have lost his backpack which is why he's using his Books as his pillow now peter does have a reputation for constantly losing his backpack in the mcu i need a new backpack what i need a new backpack but in the imax version we can clearly see peter's backpack there so he didn't lose it just yet and i like how peter chose his chemistry book you know to build up his chemistry with mj number two in the scene where peter is being interrogated By the police we all assumed that this character in the white shirt is in fact charlie cox's magmar dock but the imax version shows us that sony didn't play any trick and this is not actually charlie cox it's the same police officer who has now taken off his jacket and i totally take the blame for this i mean my breakdown of the trailer stands at number one in the world in terms of views so technically i may have spread the wrong theory altogether however i

  Will double down on this that even though this actor is not charlie cox but i still believe he's gonna be in the movie and i'm not even making this up my sources and almost all the scoopers have reported that matt murdock will appear in the film just not as daredevil that's all number three the scene where mj is lying on her bed the imex version gives us a much clearer view and even better perspective for example take a look at this detail mj has a book about the us History right by her bed which aligns perfectly with her nerdy character and in my previous breakdown i told you about this particular photo where mj is posing along with a lot of pigeons this photo was of course taken by brad davis way back in spider-man fur from home now i told you about that already but notice there's another photograph on the wall where ned and brad can be seen together so in all honesty peter would hate to see this wall in mj's room not only does She keep a photo that was taken by brad davis but there's literally another photo where peter's own best friend is posing with his nemesis number four now this one is one of my favorite details that i spotted in the imax thriller but just to give you a better perspective let me take you all the way back to spiderman for from home for a minute at the end of that movie because of all the fighting and chaos the black dahlia necklace that peter had bought for mj Was broken but mj said she likes it better because it's broken he gave me this no black dahlia like the murderer sorry it's broken i actually like it better broken you notice in spiderman no way home mj somehow found a way to fix it and is now wearing it she left out the pieces that got broken and put the rest of the pieces together to be able to wear it this is just beautiful in it in the Original trailer however we were not able to see this due to the aspect ratio number five it has been established that for some weird reason the entire sanctum sanctorum is now drowned in snow now in one of the set photos released by sony we can see peter ned and mj are all looking at something or someone above them but notice the background here it's filled with snow this confirms that peter will take ned and mj to the sanctum at some point in the movie in Another set photo we can even see them in the same basement where dr strange's spell goes wrong number six when we get introduced to green goblin's pumpkin bomb i proved it to you lads already that in this scene dr octopus will appear as well i have given multiple proofs to back my claim in my previous breakdown so make sure to watch it again now i have spotted one more clue to prove that this scene of the pumpkin bomb and this scene of dr octopus are Taking place at the same time on the same bridge notice the concrete pattern on the road on both sides it's literally the same therefore proving once again that dr octopus and green goblin will appear together in the scene um hey let's sony just released two new photos from spiderman away home and and this one pretty much confirms what i just said but it looks so goofy i mean why is the cgi so bad something tells me that this is a screenshot taken off of a Video let me know what you think though and and notice the motion blur on spiderman's arm it really indicates that this is in fact a screenshot kind of surprising given the fact that it's been officially released by sony and empire magazine and why is peter running away from the fight in the first place i mean we're talking about a guy here who disobeyed tony's order in infinity war and literally went to space that implies that the threat is so dangerous in way Home that peter is running away from it for the first time in his life or maybe the shot is not even in the movie and sony just released it so that you can make thousands of memes out of it and give them the best marketing they can get number 7 when toms peter is in the feast facility running after a villain notice the imax version gives us a much better view of his suit we can now see the claw marks on his suit this is heavily indicating that one of the six Villains in the film will be the lizard from the amazing spider-man franchise aka andrew gerfeld's universe and that's it these are all the new details i managed to find in the imax trailer of spiderman noway home this is my third breakdown of the same trailer which couldn't get more poetic if you ask me because we're about to see three spiderman in one film as well i'll be uploading two more videos this month and in november we're getting a brand new Trailer for spiderman no way home so i'll be breaking that down too but for the moment my focus is on venom leatherby carnage and black widow now lads if you like this video then please give me a thumbs up grab the subscribe button and turn notifications on follow me on instagram and twitter to get updates about my videos till then i'll see you later in the next one [Music] [Music] I cannot defeat them alone [Music] or spiderman thank you whoa that's so cool i can do it again real identity of spider-man he's a high school kid in queens named peter parker stop talking my name is matthew murdock i'm your attorney [Music] you.