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I Watched Shang-Chi in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

I Watched Shang-Chi in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

Hey everyone, I'm The Canadian Lad and this time  I watched Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten   Rings at 0.25x speed and found 30 new details. Now, I've found some incredible details that   I'll guarantee you haven't noticed before and for  the first time ever, I'm gonna go chronologically.  So please watch the video till the end  where the details keep getting better!  But first, I’d like to thank Dr.  Squatch for Sponsoring this video!  I’ve been using Dr. Squatch soap for  over a month and I can officially say:   I’m converted. It’s impossible  to go back to regular soaps now.  I recently tried the scent ‘Wood Barrel  Bourbon’ and boy, is it fragrant!  It’s probably the most manly soap I’ve  ever smelled and I definitely recommend   this one if you’re trying to impress  someone or need a confidence boost.  If this soap were sold in the MCU, I could  name a few heroes that would benefit from it.  Made without harsh chemicals and simple  ingredients that I can pronounce,   I honestly feel the difference on my  body. Showers have never been better.  Looking for a holiday gift? Well, Dr.  Squatch is releasing new deals weekly,   throughout the month for “Squatchmas”. You can buy a gift set or BYOB and   choose exactly what items you wanna include. Or you can even bundle: hair care or deodorant   or anything else, all for a discounted price! Visit their website throughout the holidays to see   what deal is running and find the perfect gift. Dr. Squatch offers a money back guarantee if   you don’t think this is the  best soap you’ve ever tried.  And right now New customers will get  20% off on orders of $20 or more and   they now ship to Canada! Just use my code  DSCLAD and click the link in description. Number 1: At the beginning of the film,  when we see Wenwu aka The Mandarin   fighting for the first time in the MCU, he uses The Ten Rings to block all the   Arrows from hitting him. But in slow-motion,   you can actually notice that the rings are  creating even bigger rings around Wenwu   surrounding him with a dome of energy. (01:54) And I love how Wenwu would strike the Ten Rings   to the ground to generate momentum so  that he can make a high jump! (01:55)  And while landing, he strikes the ground again  to clear space for his safe landing. (01:57) Number 2: Watching Wenwu destroying the  main gate so easily, the soldiers around him   simply let him walk forward as they now  realize they cannot defeat him. (02:20) Number 3: When we see the Mandarin fighting wars  throughout history and winning, at one point we   see one of his men bombing a government facility. Now notice, for less than a second here, we can   spot a newspaper with a headline that reads  "Captain America to receive Medal of Honor"  so this incident took place right  after Captain America became   famous and was still in active-service.

  Number 4: When Wenwu was entering  Ta Lo, the trees in the forest   started attacking his car. But if you notice closely,   even before they got hit, the screen  on the dashboard was already glitching.  This indicates that technology of any sort  doesn't actually work in the village of Ta Lo. Number 5: Every time Li blocks Wenwu's attack,  a slight grey shockwave can be seen around it.  Now can I just take a moment to appreciate  this whole scene? This was choreographed   so nicely that it almost felt like a  romantic dancing routine rather than a fight.  Huge credits to Tony Leung and Fala  Chen for acting it out so naturally! Number 6: When Shang-Chi's mother  gave him the green necklace,   it was loose around his neck. But as he grew older, it got tighter.  Meaning he didn't even replace  the twine of the necklace. Number 7: When Shang goes to Katy's house,   Right outside we can see multiple  posters talking about the blip.  The cinematic universe is so real that  there's apparently a support center for   people having anxiety post-blip. Now, I like how there's a Blipsync   poster as well, which is probably a show  named after the real life Lip Sync battle. Number 8: Now this one is a very crucial detail  that literally foreshadows the plot of the film.  When Shang-Chi is about to have his breakfast  at Katy's, Katy's grandmother aka Waipo tells   Shang-Chi to sit in a different chair because  her late husband Waigong used to sit here.  Waipo then talks about how she keeps food  and other items for her dead husband.  So she is deluded and believes her  late husband is still with her.  That's when Katy walks in  and tells her to "Move on".  Now if you think about it, this  is the entire plot of the film.  Wenwu thought he heard the voices of his dead wife   And believed she could return  to life instead of moving on.  So the whole plot of the film was foreshadowed  already in the beginning of the film. Number 9: Now in the same diner  scene, Katy's mother was taunting   her for not having a better job. Hearing this, Katy decides to not   have her breakfast and simply leaves for work  so Shang-Chi had to follow her lead as well.  But notice unlike Katy, Shang-Chi does finish  his food and even does the dishes but it   happens off-screen and we only hear it. This is because Katy's house is the only   place where he gets free food and he  doesn't wanna anger Katy's mother. Number 10: Inside the bar where Katy and Shang  were talking to their friends, we got to know that   Katy does have an honors degree from Berkeley. Now notice, as Shang-Chi was saying bye to   Katy's grandma, in the background we can  see a photo of Katy wearing a mortarboard.  So, this photo is proof that she  really graduated with an honors degree. Number 11: Now in the bus we of course  meet the same guy who told Peter to   do a backflip in Spider-Man: Homecoming. We all know that but notice as he is streaming   the whole fight, people kept commenting and  already started calling Shang-Chi "The Bus Boy". Number 12: At the end of the bus fight,  the bus collides with a sanitation truck.  Now the license plate on  the truck reads "1E49905".  Now I of course google every license plate  that I see in a Marvel film and guess what,   this same plate was also used in Clint  Eastwood's 1978 film "Every Which Way But Loose". Number 13:  As Shang-Chi and Katy enter the  Golden Daggers Club, two ladies at the back   actually recognize Shang-Chi. This is probably because Shang-Chi's   Bus video received more than 2 million views! So he has gained followers because of this video. Number 14: Inside the Club, there are  multiple fights taking place at the same time.  Now, in one of the cells, we can actually  see an Extremis Soldier from Iron Man 3.  Who we later see again receiving treatments while  Wong and Abomination teleport somewhere else.  And notice, the same fighter who stabbed him in  the first place is now the one treating his wound. Number 15: In the scene where Shang-Chi, Wenwu,  Katy and Xialing are all having dinner together,  notice Katy who was born and raised in America,  is not able to pick up any food using chopsticks.  So Asian culture is something  she's really unaware of.  I'm so happy this movie actually breaks  the stereotypes in so many ways without   making it look like it was forced. I mean, it establishes a point that   if you're born and raised somewhere, no matter  where your ancestors are from, you belong there! Number 16: Now, in this same scene Wenwu  acknowledges that he has been given many names   over the course of his life. But notice what he says here:  So Wenwu had the title of Master  Khan at some point in history.  This may mean that he was actually the warlord  Genghis Khan, similar to how the Eternals were   Critical parts of human history, and how the  Asgardians were worshipped as gods in Norse times.  So Wenwu had his fairshare  throughout the MCU history as well.  Thanks to Jacob for pointing out this detail. Number 17: When Wenwu got married, he  got their picture taken at a studio.  Considering they used a painting in the  background rather than a green screen,   implies that they got married in the 90's. Now notice this photo that was taken here is   now framed in Wenwu's office. They're both wearing the same   outfit and the background matches as well. I like hidden continuity details like this! Number 18: When we meet Trevor  played by Ben Kingslay for the   first time in the film, we can hear him saying: This line is from William Shakespeare's Macbeth,   a tragedy where Macbeth goes mad after hearing  witches tell him what to do, similar to how Wenwu   is going mad, being manipulated by the Dweller. I like how almost all the random dialogues of the   Film aren't random at all, they somehow  still connect to the plot of the film. Number 19: When we see Morris  sitting on Trevor's lap,   in the background there are several easter  eggs backing up the story of Trevor.  He said he's from Liverpool and in the background  we can see a scarf of Liverpool Football club.  Even his yellow mug has the  Liverpool FC logo on it.  There's also a poster in the background for  yet another Shakespeare play. This time,   King Lear, with Trevor playing the  lead role according to this poster.  Thanks to my friend Jacob once  again for pointing out this detail. Number 20: Xialing finds a tunnel  underground to escape from this compound.  So she goes through the car  keys and takes Razorfist's.  But notice, there's another key just  beside it that has a tag that reads   "DABU7CHA" or "da butcher". This could be a possible   Reference to Gorr the God Butcher,  who will be appearing in Thor 4. Number 21: When they all enter  Ta Lo with the help of Morris,   we can actually see the playlist of Razorfist  on his dashboard screen for a brief moment. Number 22: In Wenwu's desk, we  can see a monkey paw on a stand.  Now, this is a symbol of  desire and greed—everything   that its owner could possibly wish for and  the unrestricted ability to make it happen.  So it totally makes sense for someone  like Wenwu to have this on his desk. Number 23: When Wenwu takes young Shang-Chi  to take revenge for the death of his wife,   notice what happens just  before he strikes a blast.  His rings along with his veins all  light up even before he strikes.  Indicating whoever wears the ten rings can  literally control them through their mind.  That's why the rings light up  even before he makes any movement. Number 24: During the final fight between  Wenwu and Shang-Chi, Wenwu throws such a   heavy punch at Shang that I believe is also  one of the greatest VFX works in the MCU.  Let me break it down in slow-motion. First, Wenwu throws the rings that hit   Shang-Chi's stomach and stays stuck. This blow in and of itself was   enough to take down Shang-Chi. But then Wenwu summons the rings   back and follows it with a 2nd punch. And notice he's not just throwing a   regular punch using the rings here. Instead, he throws all of his rings   again to generate more power  and sends Shang-Chi underwater. Number 25: After Shang-Chi comes back from  the water and fights his father again,   he pulls 5 of his father's rings.  But notice how Shang-Chi literally hops  on the rings to strike a flying kick.  Kinda reminds me of Infinity War where Starlord  did the same with the help of Doctor Strange. Number 26: Now, while throwing this flying kick,  Shang-Chi summons the rings but this time near his   leg so that his kick has more power to it. But notice what Wenwu does here.  The moment Shang-Chi steps on the rings, Wenwu  immediately realizes what Shang-Chi's gonna,   so instead of tossing his rings,  Wenwu decides to wear them.  Because he's gonna need the rings to  defend against such a strong kick! Number 27: Just before Shang-Chi steps  on the rings, making it a floating   staircase in order to throw a flying kick, but just before that, Shang and Wenwu were going   at each other without pulling any punches. Now notice this frame, it looks as if   Shang-Chi can actually transform his rings into  fireballs, almost like a dragon breathing fire! Number 28: Now someone said "In their last  moments, people show you who they really   are" and Wenwu, in his last moment, chose  to save the life of his son over his own.  He could have easily escaped from here rather  than giving in to the Dweller in Darkness.  But he sacrificed his life when he realized  his mistake and passed his powers to his son.  Now notice, the moment the rings leave Wenwu's  arms, it becomes bigger in size or should I   say goes back to their original size. And just as Shang-Chi puts them on,   the rings get a bit smaller to fit his arm. So this is quite like the Nano-Gauntlet   that changes its shape to fit the wearer. But of course a thousand times more powerful. Number 29: When Xialing, Shang-Chi's  sister, realizes her father is dead,   she and Shang-Chi both take a minute to  look at each other without saying anything.  This one simple scene is why I  think this movie worked great.  I mean, think about it for a moment.  Even though they both grew up despising   their father, but it's still their father. And he's a major reason they both possess   such a level of power. So the writers writing a   moment where these two characters literally  say nothing but just gaze into each other,   That was enough to convey to the audience that  they're both hurt and relieved at the same time.  Giving characters moments like  this helps develop their arcs,   therefore allowing the audience to connect better. Number 30: Now this one is not exactly  a detail but something that I observed.  While fighting Death-Dealer, Shang-Chi's  whole childhood flashes before his eyes.  He remembers each and every way  Death Dealer caused him pain.  As a result, in this fight, Shang-Chi was  100% ready to kill Death-Dealer and take   revenge but Wenwu intervened and stopped him. This shows how vengeance was still running in   Shang-Chi's blood in the middle of the movie. But by the end of the movie, when he gets   all the Ten Rings and can literally  kill his father, he chooses not to.  Even though he had planned  that he would if needed to.  This shows that the story of  Shang-Chi has come full circle.  He's no longer overshadowed by vengeance,  he is able to see the bigger picture now. And that's it, this would be my  breakdown of Shang-Chi and The   Legend of The Ten Rings at 0.25x speed. If you liked the details that I found,   please give me a thumbs up, grab the  subscribe button and turn notifications on.  Follow me on Instagram and Twitter  to get updates about my videos.  Till then, I'll see you lads in the next one!