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 Presidential power is the executive branch, but has broad powers. President-elect

Appointed by election for a term of 4 years and can stand for 2 terms if

Any president who has worked to solve major national problems. President as Chief

National Army Command can raise troops anywhere in the world, such as raiding troops

1983 - Troops travel to the Persian Gulf to settle the Kuwait-Iraq dispute. News

Terrorism war on New York rates September 11, 2001

US accuses Bein Laden of al Qaeda terrorist hiding in

Afghanistan is the perpetrator and has announced that it will launch an army to hunt down and destroy terrorist strongholds.

Al Qaeda in 2001. In addition, the president has the right to initiate legislation.

The president must have a vice president to replace him when the president has

Illness or death or removal from office. In the second term, Nixon was fired.

He was ousted in the wake of the Wategate scandal (1) and replaced by Vice President Gerard Howard.