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 The United States is the land of the red Indians. At the beginning of the 16th century there were settlers

Europe settled, destroying villagers and indigenous lives. The United States becomes

Territories of refugees from Europe gradually until the formation of 13 states on the Atlantic coast

Born. The United States has an area of ​​9,363,000 km, ranking fourth after the Russian Federation.

Canada and China. Stretches 2,500 km north-south from the Canadian border.

To the Mexican border and from west to east, 4,500 km from New York to San Francisco (from

Atlantic to Pacific). The United States was the first country to declare independence from Britain.

July 4, 177 and has its first constitution in human history

Proclaimed in Philadelphia in 1767 and commissioned in 1789. Each state

Represented by an asterisk on the flag. The last two states to join the United States are Alaska.

1958 and the Hawaiian Islands in 1959 (1) a total of 50 states.