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Amazon affiliate program is a way to make money online by promoting products on Amazon website. You get paid per click (PPC) when someone clicks on your link and buys something from You earn commission on each sale.

1.Feature Amazon Affiliate for Plugin WordPress v3.18.2

Feature Amazon Affiliate for Plugin is a plugin that enables you to add affiliate links to any product in your posts. You can even set up different products for each category and subcategory.

2. How to install Feature Amazon Affiliate for Plugins?

To install Feature Amazon Affiliate Plugin, follow these steps:

a) Login to your WordPress dashboard.

c) Search for “Amazon Affiliate” in the search box.

d) Install the plugin.

e) Activate the plugin.

g) Click on + icon to create a new product category.

h) Enter the name of the category and click Save.

i) Repeat step g) and h) until you have created all the categories you want.

In the left menu, select the category you just created.

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2.How to download Amazon Affiliate for Plugin WordPress v3.18.2

Click on “Install now”

Once installed, activate plugin

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