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Colibri is a mobile app designed to help growers monitor their plants and manage their crops at any time and anywhere. Growers can use the app to view real-time data about their plants including temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and much more. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

1. Why should I use ColibriSM Mobile Flutter App v1.1.9

The Colibri app provides growers with a wealth of information about their plants. You can easily access this information using the app's user interface. The app includes features such as a timer, alarm clock, calendar, weather forecast, and many others. Growers can also use the app to control their lights, fans, and pumps.

2. How do I get started

Download the Colibri app today! Once downloaded, users simply need to sign in to their account if they have one already. If not, users can create a free account. After signing in, users can begin monitoring their plants and managing them remotely.

3. Can I use Colibri outside of my home

Yes! Users can use the app while away from home. The app connects to the internet via WiFi or cellular networks. When connected, users can still monitor their plants and manage them remotely.

4.Feature ColibriSM Mobile Flutter App v1.1.9

- Added option to select between the original and the new version of the app (v1.1.8)

- Fixed bug where the app would crash if the user had not logged in before opening the app

- Fixed bug where users could not log out after logging in

- Fixed bug where some users were unable to download the app

- Fixed issue where users were unable to access their profile page

- Fixed bug where sometimes the app would crash when trying to open the app

- Fixed issues with the app crashing when using the app while connected to a cellular network

- Fixed issue where the app was not able to connect to the server

- Fixed issue where some users were unable access their account information

- Fixed issue where sometimes the app would freeze when accessing the app

- Fixed minor bugs

- Minor improvements

- Improved stability

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5.How  to download ColibriSM Mobile Flutter App v1.1.9

1. Download the app from

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