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Divi Theme v4.17.6 – Universal Template for WordPress Free download

Divi Theme v4.17.6 – Universal Template for WordPress Free download

Divi is a WordPress theme developed by Elegant Themes. It is designed to help users create beautiful websites without any coding knowledge. Divi comes with tons of features out-of-the-box, making it a perfect choice for beginners who want to build their own website easily.

1.Divi Theme v4.17.6 – Universal Template for WordPress Features

 New Features

- Added new feature to allow users to add custom CSS classes to their Divi page builder sections.

- Added new feature where users can now choose between two different layouts for the footer section (left/right).

- Added new feature that allows users to change the background color of the Divi Builder.

- Added new features to allow users to customize the width of the sidebar menu.

- Added new option to hide the Divi Builder title bar.

- Added new options to control how much space is left at the top of the page before the header starts.

- Added new settings to control the position of the logo.

- Added new setting to control whether or not the site title should appear above the logo.

- Fixed bug where the Divi Builder was not displaying correctly if the theme was set to use the default WordPress Twenty Nineteen style.

- Fixed bug that prevented the Divi Builder from working properly if the theme was set as a child theme of the Divi Child Theme.

- Fixed bug with the Divi Builder where the text would sometimes get cut off.

- Fixed bug in the Divi Builder where it would display incorrectly if the theme was set using the default WordPress Twenty Nineteens style.

- Fixed issue with the Divi Builder causing some pages to have blank spaces.

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 2.How to download Divi Theme v4.17.6 – Universal Template for WordPress

First thing first, you need to download the Divi theme. You can do this by clicking here. Once downloaded, open the zip file and extract the files to your desktop.

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