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WP ImportExport is a WordPress plugin that helps you import/export data between WordPress sites. It's designed to work with WordPress Multisite networks. It provides a simple interface for importing and exporting content between WordPress sites.

1.Features WP Import Export v3.9.23


Importing content from any website using RSS feeds.

Export content to any website using XML files.

Support for both single and multisite installations.

Supports custom fields.

Custom field types supported: text, number, email, date, time, URL, checkbox, radio button, select box, file upload, image upload, color picker, password, hidden, user role, taxonomy term, category, tag, comment, post type, meta value, and page.

Supports custom post types.

Supports custom taxonomies.

Supports custom terms.

Supports custom categories.

Supports custom tags.

Supports custom comments.

Supports custom pages.

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2.How to download WP Import Export v3.9.23

1. 2. Extract the zip folder

3. Go to the directory where you extracted the files

4. Run the setup.exe

5. Follow the instructions

6. Done!

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