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CCleanerIt is the name of the software in the field of cleaning extra files, improving system speed, deleting cookies and clearing your cache memory, and it has the ability to protect your privacy, and it is the best option for you to optimize the system and increase its security. It is considered and removing unused files from your system will make it run faster and increase the speed and space of your hard disk. It also has the ability to clean traces of your online activity, such as Internet history, and in addition, it enables you to register your system using CCleaner software.Repair and clean in a very short time. Also, thanks to having a very easy user interface, new users can easily perform all operations of cleaning additional files, and the possibility of specifying a folder or a specific file to clean or not is one of the features of this software. be

    Features of CCleaner software
    The ability to clear the browser cache automatically after closing it
    The ability to install and operate by a USB without the need to perform installation operations
    Support for automatic updates to fix bugs
    Ability to schedule to automatically run and perform cleanup operations
    The ability to clean up extra files and increase the speed and space of the hard disk
    The ability to stop running programs during system boot to speed up the operating system
    Ability to clean additional files of default system software
    Ability to recover accidentally deleted files
    No malware, spyware, advertising
    Support for organizing the space occupied by the hard disk (Disk Defragmentation)

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