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It is the best management software for iPhone, iPod, and iPad mobile phones, which is released by Apple worldwide. Using the iTunes software, you can automatically identify the devices related to your device and manage the device from the software panel. The transfer of music files, photos, video files is supported by the provided software, and it should be noted that you can manage the installation and removal of games and software in iTunes.

Complete software tools introduce users to the software and games of the day, and users can install the software and games directly on their devices online. iTunes releases the final update every week. iTunes software  supports all versions of Windows and two 32-bit and 64-bit versions are provided for two different formats of the software.
name: Apple iTunes Music Store
Size: 250 MB
Manufacturer: apple
Release date: 2022
Source: apple
Version: v12.12.5.8
Update: 22 September 1401
Tongue: English
File format: dmg-exe
Platform: Windows - Mac

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