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 LaunchBox Premium with Big Box A useful and functional software to create a powerful database or library to organize a collection of video games . With LaunchBox Premium with Big Box , you can sort games by information. This software is not a game emulator, but it supports most game emulators and has the best console and retro games. This software is actually a software for organizing computer games, it was made in order to provide an environment for organizing DOS games.

    Features of LaunchBox Premium with Big Box software
    Organization of various video games and simulators
    Support for simulators and modern libraries
    Perfect cooperation with Retroarch
    Organize and sort games
    Features of LaunchBox Premium with Big Box 11
    A Game Launcher with Style
    Organize Your Game Collection
    Steam Library Imports

name: LaunchBox Premium with Big Box
Size: 328 MB
Manufacturer: launchbox-app
Release date: 2021
Source: launchbox-app
Version: v13.0
Tongue: English
File format: exe
Platform: Windows

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