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 n-Track Studio Suite

Turns your computer into a recording studio. Recording, editing, combining sounds, adding sound effects, processing incoming sound, as well as making Audio CD or MP3 CD are all part of the capabilities of n-Track Studio. n-Track Studio software is a multi-channel audio studio that turns your computer into a recording studio. You can record, play and replay, combine sound channels, perform powerful sound effects, sound processing, restore degraded and poor quality sounds and edit it powerfully and in an advanced way. It fully supports 24-bit-192 khz sound recording and multi-channel sound card and has great power in making audio CDs.

    Features of n-Track Studio Suite software
    - Recording and playback of sound and unlimited audio channels
    - Support for 20-band equalizer
    - Ability to play video and audio separately
    - Instant preview to view changes
    - Having default effects including: Reverb, Compression, Parametric & Graphic EQ, Echo, Auto-volume, Pitch Shift, Chorus, Multiband Compression, Spectrum analyzer
    - Support for 16 and 24 bit in single or multi-channel sound card up to 192khz
    - Support for a wide range of audio formats including .wav, .mp3, .wma, .mid, .ogg, .flac, .aiff, .cda, .sng, .sgw
    - Easy and powerful graphical user interface support

name: n-Track Studio Suite
Size: 139 MB
Manufacturer: n-track
Release date: 2022
Source: n-track
Version: v9.1.7.6479
prescription: x64
Tongue: English
File format: exe - dmg
Platform: Windows - Mac

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