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Download the application software to increase the copy speed , which has a low volume, but the software has a high speed in transferring files. This software has the ability to increase the copy speed. Users can temporarily stop their transfer while copying their files and start transferring them if desired. You can see the possibility of copying and transferring several files at the same time in this software. This software is on All Windows systems can be installed as well as Windows 8 and Windows 10. TeraCopy software was released by Code Sector for the popular Windows platform and operating system and was very well received from the beginning. The Farsi download site provides the latest version of this application along with the Pro version to you, respected users.

Other Descriptions: Various softwares have been provided to replace their Windows counterparts for copying files in Windows. Softwares that increase the file transfer speed several times. But each of these software has its strengths and weaknesses. Most of these softwares do not use a good and simple user interface. In addition to increasing the speed of file transfer and the ability to stop during transfer, TeraCopy software also uses a very simple user interface. A user interface that is very similar to new Windows software and does not confuse the user. In addition, sometimes the files being transferred have problems and it is not possible to transfer them. This software clearly provides a list of all transmission problems, and this makes the user's confidence factor increase.

Features of Teracopy software:

- Increasing copy/past speed

- Copy multiple files at the same time

- Copy settings

- Increase the copy speed up to two times

- And …

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