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It is a software by which you can install several operating systems in your system and even have several different windows at your disposal. VirtualBox software can be run on Windows from version 95 to 8.1, as well as Macintosh, Solaris, and Linux systems, and it has the ability to install all operating systems as simulated operating systems, from Dos operating systems to modern operating systems. The step-by-step interface of Virtual Box makes it very easy to work with it and build a virtual system, and the internal menus of the software allow the user to access all the features of the software with a simple glance.
  • Features of VirtualBox software

  • - Ability to install 15 types of Windows and 24 types of Linux and 17 other operating systems in 32-bit and 64-bit types
  • - The ability to adjust the occupied space of hard drive, RAM, graphics
  • - Ability to take pictures of the environment of the installed operating system
  • - Compatible with flash memory, CD and DVD and...

    Overview of VirtualBox 6 Features
    Infrastructure consolidation
    Significantly reduce hardware and electricity costs

Name: VirtualBox
File size: 108 MB
Manufacturer: Oracle
Release date: 2021
Version: v7.0.4.154605
File format: exe
Platform: Windows

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